Speaking of pie…

…Rustic Pie Co. in Prescott, AZ has some pretty incredible pie. During a trip, two weeks ago with my wife and mom, we stopped in for a slice. The wife got apple, mom got peach, and I chose the best slice of blueberry I have ever tasted in 34 years on this planet. Just look at it. Seriously take a moment and admire that slice.

Let me tell you the upper crust was so thick, yet not too firm, and the filling wasn’t just some blueberry mush, no, those are whole berries. Now, for those of you just tuning in to my life, there are a few things I’m passionate about. Blueberries, are near the top of that list, to the point where I can’t help but praise God when I eat them. No, really, I pray when I eat blueberries, I enjoy them that much.

So it was to my utter delight when they delivered the slices to our table, and I caught a glimpse of that amazing filling. I must warn you, like another local pie shop in Prescott, this place is pretty small. There were maybe 6 tables in the entire place, which resembled more an old historic home that had been converted, than an actual pie shop. Moreover, there really isn’t much parking directly in front of the shop itself, but since it’s situated across the street from a Fry’s grocery store, you shouldn’t have much problem finding a place to park.

Now I hadn’t intended to just write about the pie, I was going to describe some of the inspiration I gleaned off the trip to Prescott itself. But maybe that will be for another day. For today…mmmm pie.


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