If you do what you love…

…you never work a day in your life. That’s how the saying goes. And let me tell you, it’s completely, utterly, full of lies. I could ask you to take my word for it, but just telling you that isn’t going to amount to a hill of pineapples. So allow me to explain why that saying is full of it, and how this new point of view will change or life. Or not.

Now let me begin by telling you, my avid reader, that my career is in fact doing something(s) that I love. I write for a living, I produce TV/film for a living, I direct for a living, I enjoy blueberries, although not for a living. So among the things I do in a day, most of those are “work” and “for a living”. To say that I don’t work is nonsense, because although I love what I do, and I’m very blessed to able to do it out of the comfort of my own home, it is very much categorized as “work”.

I get up at 630am every morning, have breakfast, enjoy coffee with my wife, clean up, and start the day with a Bible study before delving into my computer. Depending on the tasks for the day I might start with emails, talking to other members of my team, or jumping right into that novel. Today, it was the novel. My goal is 6,000 words by 4pm, which I can accomplish…so long as I stay off Facebook, YouTube, IMDB, etc etc. I normally write 1,000 words/hour on average, so in 6 hours or less I should hit my goal. Should.

But there’s a good degree of discipline required to stay focused and keep writing. Maybe I’ve mapped out the direction of the story, maybe I haven’t. If not, then I have to reread what I’ve written and make sure that going forward the story flows, the continuity is correct, the plot points strike true. And trust me when I say, it is most definitely work. By the time I reach 85,000 words at the end of this week, my brain, eyes, and fingers are quite exhausted. That’s not to say I don’t love doing it; of course I do! But it is work.

Our first two books in “The Timeless Zodiac” series, pictured above, were definitely work. And the work didn’t stop after I finished writing, or after the editing, or even after the published book sat on my desk. Now it’s work marketing the things! I enjoyed the process thoroughly, though I might not enjoy the marketing as much…

The same goes for other things I do, like producing, and directing. It’s work. In fact I view any of the arts as work, and you should too. It helps to sit back and remember the work you put into your art, be it writing, painting, drawing, building a house…hey that’s art too. Homes can be quite beautiful. Or very ugly…

The point is, it’s very important to find joy in your work, and to remember that no matter how simple or dull or magnificent, whatever it is you’re doing…it’s work, and you can, and should, love it.


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