It sure feels good…

…to say that my next novel, “Sapphire City”, is now published! I’ve been walking around the house saying that, no joke, and yes it feels good. But not just because I didn’t get much sleep last night, or because I’m on my 4th cup of coffee today (so far), or for any other reason other than it feels good.

See, I’ve been working on this particular project in some form for several years. First, it was a novel, then it was a screenplay, then it was a teleplay I pitched to Amazon Studios. While I got some really great feedback from Amazon, they did pass on it. Then while driving back from Oklahoma in April, my wife suggested to turn it back into a novel again. Her reasoning? “Why not?”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that stroke of brilliance. So I began taking the teleplay and adapting it back into novel form. What I found while writing, was that the characters took on their own life beyond what I had originally imagined. Characters meant to be throwaways, whose only purpose was exposition, ended up having a profound impact on the story itself, and the ending the book. I took liberties I hadn’t originally intended to, and opened the door to a world I plan on continuing in future novels, in what has now become, in my notes anyway, a series. (The Tempest Chronicles).

A lot of work ahead, yes, but I love to write. I love to tell stories. Now I’m hoping there are people out there that love to read, and will pick up my book in some fashion, whether print or eBook. Will Sapphire City ever become a TV series as I had hoped? Maybe. But in the meantime I hope you, the reader, will join me in my world, and go on a little adventure in search of the City of Storm and Sapphire. Happy reading, friends.

(For those of you interested in checking it out…) 


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