El Rey de los Muertos…

… is the somewhat fond nickname my little brother gave me a few years ago. It translates to “The King of the Dead”, which may raise a few eyebrows at first glance. The correlation, though, is that my birthday happens to land on November 2nd, which is of course Dia de los Muertos, in Mexico, or “The Day of the Dead”.

Ironically I’ve always been fond of sugar skull artwork, and candy, and I think the celebration itself is perhaps a better way to look at death and the passing of loved ones. Though I don’t really celebrate the holiday per se, I’m inclined to think if I ever visit Mexico, it would be on November 2nd. I’ve tried pan de muertos (Day of the Dead bread), and I absolutely love Mexican hot chocolate! But my all-time favorite Hispanic food would have to be tamales. I could live off of them, if one could actually survive on nothing but tamales… and Dr. Pepper.

I think I’ve gotten off topic.

Oh yeah! So my birthday is coming up, and I’ll be turning the big 3-5. Meh. It’s another year, and although I’m as excited about it as most years, the passing of time never really gets to me. Despite my parent’s urging, I will not be dying the grey in my beard, I’ve earned that, it stays.

One particular thing I AM excited about this year, is the NaNoWriMo challenge. For those that don’t know, every November is the National Novel Writing Month, a challenge created some years past, that gets writers onto their butts to write a novel (the goal is 50,000 words) within the month of November. This will be my 4th year participating, and I’ll be adapting my sci-fi TV series “Exodus” into a novel! It may be seen as cheating, since it’s already mostly written, but having just adapted my TV pilot “Sapphire City” into a 400 page novel, I can tell you it will not be an easy task.

First of all, screenplays and teleplays have a lot less description in the overall action. Secondly, a lot of the character development is seen in the actors themselves, whether given in backstory to the actors, or developed by the actors that bring various characters to life.  So when I look at the word count of the first thirteen episodes I wrote, over 117,000 words, and realize there’s a lot more story to write in there, it is definitely a daunting task. On top of that, I’m going to try to complete the first draft within the NaNoWriMo timeline, of 30 days.

So I’ll be busy adding a great bit of character development, backstory, and action, as well as formatting the current action and dialogue that already exists. Exciting.

For you reading this far, I’ll be uploading snippets of “Exodus” here on my blog throughout the month. Wanna get me a birthday gift? I thought so. Then please continue to follow my blog, comment, and even send a word or two of encouragement to my facebook page (I’ll link below). To be honest, my company has a good bit of stuff happening at the moment, so writing the 4,000+ words per day to stay on top of my goal is going to require some of that encouragement.

Here’s to a safe Halloween, and a wonderful Dia de los Muertos to all of you. Oh, and the cover image today is courtesy of Photo by Sam Brand on Unsplash. Give Sam a follow and like, too.

Dana’s Facebook www.facebook.com/Dana.Skvarekii


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